Netflix Previews Give Viewers a Snapshot of the Content Available

 - Dec 7, 2016
References: & mashable
Netflix previews are a new feature from the streaming video service, aimed at solving one of the most pervasive and frustrating side effects of having a subscription. The previews will automatically play as users scroll through content, making it easier for users to get an idea of what's in store for them should they decide to start watching.

Despite -- or rather, because of -- Netflix massive amount of content, nearly every Netflix user gets afflicted by a condition known as the paradox of choice. The paradox of choice is the idea that as one's choices increase, users' indecision about which item to choose makes them less likely to make a decision when compared to having less options. Any Netflix user is more than familiar with this paradox, having spent hours scrolling aimlessly before closing the site entirely. The Netflix previews hope to alleviate this condition.