'Neither Camera Nor Companion' Fuses the Past with the Present

 - Apr 25, 2012
References: marksoo.net & coolhunting
Artist Mark Soo's 'Neither Camera Nor Companion' collection combines photographic techniques from two very different eras to create hauntingly beautiful snapshots of the overlap of past and present.

Soo often explores the way in which culture and technology relate and influence each other. Inspired by the guillotine and the political turmoil of the French Revolution, Soo photographed anything related to the time period with his cell phone camera while on a trip to France. He then became intrigued with the contrasts that existed not only in the societal differences between the era of upheaval and the present day, but also by the way that photography has evolved.

These photos fuse the use of the photogram (one of the earliest photographic techniques) and the digital cell phone snapshot to create an eerie, ghost-like representation of how times have changed, and how they are still somewhat the same.