This Natural Headache Remedy is an Alternative to Pain Pills

 - Nov 22, 2016
References: amazon
Seven Minerals' 'Migraine & Headache Magnesium Spray' is a natural headache remedy that is organically sourced and free from harsh chemicals. Made from a blend of magnesium oil, lavender, peppermint and rosemary and basil ingredients among others, this pain relief spray is not only additive-free but also boasts a soothing blend of aromas. These scents are fused together to relieve anxiety and stress while energizing the senses.

Applied to one's head and temples, this essential oil spray works as a quick, easy and natural headache remedy that eliminates the need for traditional over-the-counter painkillers or harsh creams that can feature artificial agents.

The oil-based spray works by stimulating blood flow and is a cost-conscious remedy that will appeal to those seeking a chemical-free alternative to traditional pain products.