ColorKitchen's Sprinkle and Frosting Colors are Sourced from Nature

Highly pigmented fruits and vegetables like beets, blueberries and carrots have been used for centuries as natural food coloring agents. However, over time they have fallen by the wayside, unable to compete with the convenience offered by synthetic food coloring substances that are neatly offered by the bottle.

At this year's Winter Fancy Food Show, ColorKitchen unveiled a range of new baking products with a focus on clean and allergen-free ingredients. One of its standout new products is the Rainbow Sprinkle Color Set, which provides a packet of sprinkles and frosting for cookies, cakes or cupcakes that are made from plant-based colors. For instance, the blue color comes from spirulina, yellow from turmeric and pink from beetroot powder.

Now that many consumers have become wary of artificial ingredients in food, it is becoming more important than ever for brands to consider reformatting their products with naturally sourced ingredients.