These Natsuki Otani Renderings are Wildly Chromatic

 - Apr 12, 2012
References: society6 & urhajos.tumblr
No one can fault Natsuki Otani for having dull artwork. After all, her illustrations are so vibrantly colored that they embody the term "eye-candy." Using nearly all the colors of the visible spectrum in each of her pieces, Otani’s creations are naturally playful and energetic. Pair these qualities with her penchant for rendering children in fantastical scenarios and you have images that trigger viewers’ imaginations in the most positive and euphoric of ways.

Bright colors aside, Natsuki Otani is also notable for her distinct characterization of subjects. It’s clear she has a background in Japanese anime style drawing, but she’s also developed beyond that to create something that’s distinctly her own. In particular, facial attributes like the eyes, noses, and mouths of her subjects are painted in a style that augments what people are used to seeing in traditional cartoons.