Nagai Hideyuki Brings These Stunning Drawings to Life

 - Feb 14, 2013
References: nagaihideyukiart.jimdo & mymodernmet
Nagai Hideyuki is a young Japanese artist who has been paving the way in creating absolutely mind-blowing, three-dimensional illustrations with the simple technique of using pencil and paper. While Hideyuki unveiled a few 3D pieces last year, he has now released a whole slew of new and exciting illustrations that range from iconic gamer characters to more intricately detailed monsters and creatures.

Simply using two sketching pads as a medium to draw his images on, Hideyuki is able to beautifully create images that seem to burst out of the pages and almost come to life. The intricately sketched images and shading techniques clearly demonstrate the immense skill of the artist, and his ability to create life-like and three-dimensional images with just a pencil.

These amazingly drawn illustrations by Nagai Hideyuki are a perfect example of illusionary artwork and its ability to appear differently from various angles.