Nadya Vessey's Prosthetic Tail Lets Her Swim Like a Fish - (Update)

 - Feb 26, 2009
References: dailymail
In 2007 we wrote about Nadya Vessey the lady who would become a Mermaid. The day has come and Vessey has taken delivery of her fabulous new prosthetic tail made by visual effects movie wizards Weta Workshop.

Vessey lost her legs due to a childhood illness and always dreamed of being able to swim. She approached the creative folks at Weta and they designed this ‘swimsuit’ made of wetsuit fabric and plastic. The fish scales have been hand-painted on.

Costume designer Lee Williams said she, "wanted (Nadya) to be beautiful and sexy." I would say looking like a mermaid surely does the trick. She is seen here swimming in a pool in Auckland.