'My Chelsea' Hotel's Interior Makes Roundabout Reference to Bees

 - Jan 3, 2018
References: dezeen
If someone didn't know how the word "subtle" was spelled, they'd be surprised to find out that it has a hidden "B", and for those who aren't familiar with the subtle background of 'My Chelsea' hotel's interior design, they might be surprised to learn that it has a hidden bee. The boutique hotel's interior, which was designed by London studio DH Liberty, was inspired by the owner's love of bees, and it features an understated gold, black, and green color scheme.

When first taking on the project, DH Liberty was asked to celebrate the owner's love of plants. However, the studio soon discovered that the hotel also keeps a small rooftop beehive from which the staff harvest honey to serve inside. With that in mind, the apiary inspiration was an obvious choice.