Likely the most talked about genre of music in 2012

 - Feb 20, 2013
References: trendhunter
Trap is arguably the most talked about genre of music of 2012. It has captured the attention of people spanning globally through ought the electronic music scene both commercial and underground. It is best described as 1/3 Hip Hop, 1/3 Dutch House and 1/3 Dubstep. The modern producers that have made this genre explode include but are not limited to: Flosstrodamous and Baauer. From a more traditional perspective, Trap was originated by Southern rappers but has most recently evolved into the sound and style that we are all beginning to know so well. If you are still feeling in the dark about this topic allow me to shed some light. Baauer released a track called "The Harlem Shake" which has most recently created a massive series of viral videos spanning across YouTube and other platforms of social media.
I personally love this new genre of music and urge you to venture out and explore this fun and exciting new trend. For the connoisseur, it brings back great memories of hip hop classics; for the new age electro lovers I guarantee it will keep you on your toes!