Murfie Lets You Convert and Sell Your Old CDs as Digital Albums

 - May 5, 2011
References: murfie & springwise
I was never a big collector of CDs, but I often wonder what happened to the people who had hundreds of CDs carefully arranged in multiple binders. Maybe those people joined Murfie, a new online marketplace that lets you convert your CDs into digital tracks and then sell them online.

Murfie is easily one of the most generous websites I have ever seen. Once you sign up, it sends you a box to send all your CDs in, and it even covers shipping. Once your CDs are received, Murfie converts them into digital tracks and lets you set the price for their sale.

While you probably won't make a ton of money selling your old Ginuwine or B4-4 CDs, it is certainly better than the alternative disposal methods of throwing them directly in the trash or forgetting about them and hoping they somehow biodegrade.