Burger King's Movie Theater Ad Played Directly After Steven King's 'It'

 - Oct 7, 2017
References: burgerking.de & designtaxi
Burger King Germany set up a clever movie theater ad for Steven King's 'It,' which appeared directly after the movie finished and before the credits rolled.

Rather than appearing in the pre-movie credits, Burger King chose to set itself apart with two spotlights, one that read: "The moral is: never trust a clown," and the other that pictured the chain's iconic logo. As a result, the stunt is being called "the longest Burger King spot of all time." Directly after the movie, the stunt got a laugh out of the audience, which makes for a memorable, share-worthy experience that also helped to diffuse tension following the horror movie showing.

The cleverly placed ad likens the movie monster Pennywise to a competing burger chain's well-known mascot, as well as its slogan, but with a twist—"Loving 'It.'"