MOUS Shaker Bottles Were Designed Specifically for Protein Shakes

 - Jun 23, 2017
References: mousfitness & yankodesign
The MOUS shaker bottles have one purpose: to help people consume protein shakes.

Any energy drink aficionado will tell you about the powdery ring that forms along the bottom of their bottle. Not only is it an aesthetic eyesore, but it's tough to clean, resulting in a bacteria build-up that could make those consuming a healthy beverage sick. MOUS aimed to end this issue by designing a specialized bottle with a round bottom, making for an easy-to-clean, non-stick, and odor-resistant experience.

The bottle is designed with an outer casing that makes for an easier grip, and a design that's short and wide. This design ensures that the accessory is easy to carry when you're running from your office to the gym.