Artist Eric Daigh puts a Spin on Art With office supplies

 - May 24, 2013
References: faithistorment & flavorwire
Artist Eric Daigh creates mosaic designs from simple office supplies. These mosaic designs have been created with an assortment of everyday push pins; the pins have been strategically placed with an incredible amount of artistic talent to create a very realistic mosaic portrait collection of actual human faces.

Although the creative images themselves are colorful, attractive and playful, the subjects displayed are not. Daigh says, "My subjects are imprisoned, diluted, marginalized." This is slightly unexpected, but artists are known for odd expressions of their feelings. In this case, Daigh also said "Their escape, however, is imminent, whether a symptom of corporate and social homogenization, or the four base pairs of DNA, we are products of just a small handful of variables. In five colors of plastic, you can be reproduced." This leaves us with plenty to think about as we analyze the portraits.