Geoff Ridenour's 'Youthful Expressions' Displays Seriously Kooky Kids

 - May 13, 2013
References: geoffridenour & inspirefirst
With his new series 'Youthful Expressions,' photographer Geoff Ridenour has managed to capture the essence of childhood freedom. Each photo in the series shows a child looking exceptionally excited. The kids scream at the camera, go cross-eyed and flip their hair around with abandon.

The simplicity of these high-quality photos makes them especially fun. Children are known for being uninhibited. They'll do or say anything without thinking it over; that's what makes them so different from adults. The 'Youthful Expressions' series picks up on that, showing photographs with kids just being their crazy selves instead of the traditional posed photo.

Each kid is unique-looking, making every photo in the series different from the others. The one thing the photos have in common is the excitement piercing through the camera -- I wouldn't be surprised if there was a lot of sugar on set.