MegaFaces is the Digital Mount Rushmore of Your Face

 - Jan 17, 2014
References: youtube & fastcodesign
In light of this year's Sochi Winter Olympics that will be held in Russia next month, London designer Asif Khan has been enlisted in creating a morphing art installation for the winter games this February.

Known for his Coca-Cola Beatbox pavilion that was designed for the 2012 London Olympics, Khan has once again created a three dimensional interactive exterior of a mobile telecommunications operator called MegaFon.

The smart exterior of the building will detect and scan guests and visitors faces. From there, the image will be recreated, molded and displayed onto the building's facade. The interactive art installation called MegaFaces is known as the "Mount Rushmore of the digital age."

The kinetic facade functions as an enlarged pin screen, allowing tubes to move in and out, converting the flat wall into a three dimensional structure that can morph into your face.