La Creciente by Alejandro Chaskielberg is Full of Dimension

 - Jul 24, 2014
References: chaskielberg & itsnicethat
One of the most important aspects when it comes to photography is lighting, yet this moonlight photography series goes against convention for something that is beautifully refreshing. Although it looks as though these images were taken during the day, the exposure has simply been pumped up to create that illusion. By doing so, the moonlight photography is full of dimension that is often not caught on camera.

Shot by Alejandro Chaskielberg, a photographer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, his moonlight photography centers around locals living and working in the Paraná River Delta. Chopping and transporting wood, they seem almost oblivious to the natural beauty that surrounds them on a daily basis. Hopefully they'll be able to appreciate this series of moonlight photography and soon their environment.