This Just For Laughs Prank Uses Half a Dozen Actors

 - Dec 10, 2012
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The hardest part about this monkey see monkey do gag from Just For Laughs must've been keeping everyone with a straight face.

Whereas some great pranks only require one or two people, this one needed half a dozen actors to pull off. Seated in a food court, a group of actors waited for mall patrons to sit near them. Once the person was settled in their seat, the actors began imitating every move they made. When a woman starts crushing her crackers to go in her soup, all the actors lift up something and start crushing it. When a man sits down to start studying, he puts his hand on his forehead and all the actors follow suit. The most glaring example of this prank is when a woman is asked for directions and points to her right. Every one of the actors points as well.