These Bespoke Molds Update the Art of Modern Glass Making

 - Jun 25, 2015
References: beekingdomglass & 3dprint
The sculptural glassware has been prized for centuries and even today, the delicate details included in modern glass making by master glassblowers blows the mind. However, the craft is now being further enhanced with the aid of 3D printing.

After discovering that he had an interest in both glassblowing and 3D printing, artist Tim Belliveau and Armel Desrues set out to create a digital model for a mold that could be used when shaping blown glass.

With the aid of a computer, the glassblowers are now able to create incredible geometric shapes during the glass-shaping process. Although glass pieces are typically sculpted to be smooth and curvy, this way of shaping glass opens up a huge range of possibilities for crafting faceted designs to suit a variety of modern aesthetics.