This Conceptual Milk Package Presents a Soothing Bedtime Drink

 - Jul 1, 2017
References: & packagingoftheworld
This pillow-shaped milk package concept from the Brama Branding agency out of Belarus imagines a new way for a traditional dairy product to be bagged and branded.

Rather than packaging milk in long, rectangular bags, this idea proposes using square-shaped packages that resemble pillows. As such, the labeling on the pillow-shaped milk bags has been designed to match both morning and evening rituals for consuming milk. While the 8AM variety is a fatter whole milk variety, the 8PM milk is imagined as a lighter skim milk product.

Knowing that many consumers settle in for the night with a late-night snack ritual, food and beverage brands are creating evening-inspired branding for everything from cereals to midnight snack bars and calming drinks.