Mike Wazowski’s Head is Projected onto a 180 Foot Building

 - May 13, 2013
References: laughingsquid
In order to promote the upcoming Disney film ‘Monsters University’ this June, Disney decided to project the character of Mike Wazowski onto one of its structures at Epcot Theme Park.

Disney turned the 180-foot-tall Spaceship Earth structure at Epcot Theme Park into a giant animated Mike Wazowski, his head to be specific. The character is projected onto the structure, while being fully animated, making the structure appear like a giant talking head.

The monstrous light display is sure to catch anyone’s attention, while inside the theme park—it’s pretty hard to miss a giant talking green head. With so much effort and creativity being put into such a structure it’s hard to imagine people not buy into this advertising campaign by Disney—I’m definitely going to see Monsters University now!