This 'Hakuna Some Vodka' Tank Refashions the Lion King for Adults

 - May 7, 2013
References: lookhuman
This 'Hakuna Some Vodka' tank takes a Disney reference and spins it on its head. For devoted Disney movie watchers, it is fairly obvious that the words on this top were fashioned from the classic Lion King's tune Hakuna Mata.

Mainstream audiences were first introduced to this term by Pumba and Timon, who belted out this tune for Simba to ease his worries. The literal translation of the Swahili phrase is "there are no worries." However, this top takes a more adult approach to this saying by modifying the message to "Hakunka Some Vodka," which means "get wasted."

How terrifyingly creative that Disney references are now being used to encourage alcoholic tendencies. While this shirt will have parents protesting its use of childhood films, it's rather entertaining; notwithstanding its use to enable the copious consumption of cocktails.

This shirt will fit right in at college dorms, frat parties or weekends away at the cottage.