Michal Krasnopolski's Posters Take Minimalism to Its Extemes

 - May 27, 2013
References: michalkrasnopolski & fastcodesign
Using the least amount of detail possible, Michal Krasnopolski took minimalism to a whole other level with his minimalist movie posters. Each poster uses only extremely basic lines to convey an extraordinary amount of information. Every poster was drawn by using a template with a circle within a square and eight lines intersecting them. Without deviating from this template, Krasnopolsky created extraordinary posters.

Though most drawings are composed of one or two lines, the intention behind the drawing comes through perfectly. Krasnopolski managed an incredible feat by distilling the essence of long-form cinematic masterpieces into a few simple lines. With Pulp Fiction represented by a single white line and Superman done with a slanted red faded one, the posters have reached the peak of minimalism.