Michael Jantzen's 'Super Symmetry' Photo Series Plays Eye Tricks

 - Mar 19, 2012
References: archinect
Michael Jantzen creates a world of eye tricks in his photo series ‘Super Symmetry.’ It’s a collection of digital photos derived from physical models that Jantzen uses from his architectural designs.

The photos are manipulated with computer technology to create new images. Jantzen then puts these new images into three-dimensional structures that emulate from previous photos. Doing this allows Jantzen to discover unexpected new forms which adds to the intricate designs.

The whole objective is to add to the beauty of complexity. One can easily be drawn into Jantzen’s labyrinthine world that’s made from elaborate designs and serpentine intertwining. The complexities of these Michael Jantzen designs is essential as it captures the allurement of the eyes which is both enticing and meticulous.