Emilie Elizabeth's Michael Freeby Series Celebrates Salty Snacks

Photographer and model Michael Freeby stars in this whimsical image series by Emilie Elizabeth. Michael poses in an arcade, on a hotel rooftop and in the middle of a graffiti-clad alley way while donning a wardrobe of vividly printed pieces.

The garments are adorned with hamburger, hotdog and milkshake prints along with other vibrant motifs that are paired together to create a range of clashing but eye-catching ensembles.

Grooming for this image series is courtesy of Rachel Vang who creates a retro coif for Michael Freeby. The model embodies a youthful style aesthetic and is effortlessly cool in this photo series. Michael poses in printed hoodies, photo-clad statement sweaters and cartoon-accented tanks that set a carefree tone for summer.