Mercedes Esquivel Captures Intimate and Sensual Solitary Moments

 - Aug 15, 2011
References: flickr & photodonuts
Mercedes Esquivel is a photographer who isn't afraid to get inside a subject's most intimate spaces. Once she has,
Esquivel reaches further into these individual's deeply private and innermost thoughts. Esquivel's gripping photos move from the bedroom to the beach and beyond, capturing raw emotion through the eyes of solitary women, who rather than be consumed by their loneliness, are breathing sighs of relief for their time spent in solitude.

"Intimacy and sensuality really do make an obvious appearance in my photographs as well as femininity and I try to intensify all three aspects with each frame," states Mercedes Esquivel. The 18-year-old California native keeps busy with a full-time job and school work, both of which she sees as unimportant to her future aspirations as a photographer and an artist.

Implications - The best photographers use their subjects' pure emotions to produce gripping snapshots. Consumers are drawn to these sentiments, and companies would be wise to use similar aesthetics in their campaigns.