Hilarious Snaps of Men Caught Looking At Women's Racks

 - Jul 31, 2009
References: ebaumsworld
While some men do it inconspicuously, others are just blatantly obvious when they check out women's boobs. The gallery above shows how several men are caught in photos, with their wandering eyes on the chest of a woman.

It is one thing to glance, but there are some pictures that have men wide-eyed with glee. Men, take note, someone is always watching you try to pull off your sneak-attack move.


Capturing people in awkward moments is highly popular thanks to social media sharing. If the photos are hilarious or share-worthy, the viewer will send it to friends and so forth, making it viral. If a photo goes viral, the likelihood of it turning into a meme is high, as users will continue to mock it.