This Online Memory Mill Tracks Peoples' Blankets as They are Passed Down

Faribault Woolen Mill's 'Memory Mill' provides a genius way to both track heirlooms as well as create a brand identity. It is an online site that allows users to make an online declaration about who will receive the blanket and when, creating an order for passing down the heirloom. It invites owners to write a letter to the next person, keeping track of the timing of the writing, each pause for thought and re-written sentence.

By making the online Memory Mill, the 150 year old brand does indeed effectively track the blankets, but more importantly, it enhances the perceived worth and importance of these blankets. It automatically makes them seem like they are special and must be kept. By giving the brand a beloved and cherished identity, people will want to buy its blankets to give themselves or others the chance to start their own tradition.