Riccardo Sabatini's 'Mekkanika' is Made of Gears and Gadgets

 - Nov 10, 2011
References: behance.net & ufunk.net
Typeface creation may be a dying art, but if individuals like Riccardo Sabatini, with his unique mechanical font 'Mekkanika', continue to inspire up-and-coming artists, it won't be long before everyone jumps on the typeface-making bandwagon.

There is definitely an undeniable beauty to the Mekkanika typeface. Merging the sleekness and complexity of olden day technical drawings with modern day gadgetry and adding just a hint of the ever popular steampunk look, Sabatini forms these intricate letters that viewers are tempted to build into real-life mechanisms. Sabatini also cleverly recycles certain parts within Mekkanika to ensure that the typeface is aesthetically unified.

It may not be a practical typeface for everyday usage, but I bet that printing out these letters and spelling out a person's name would be a pretty nifty gift idea for techies and gear heads.