Nutricia 'Fortisip' is a Meal Drink Fortified to Nourish

 - Jan 23, 2016
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The worldwide population of consumers in their elderly years is steadily increasing, so products like the Nutricia 'Fortisip' meal drink are becoming more prevalent. Focused on providing nutrition to those whose diet is incomplete, Nutricia 'Fortisip' comes in several flavor options including Toffee, Banana, Orange, Vanilla, Chocolate and more.

The small size of Nutricia 'Fortisip' beverages is overpowered by the product's ability to provide whole nutrition supplementing without having to manually consume all the various fruits and beverages for sustenance. The meal drink is totally gluten-free and, despite the rather milkshake-like flavors, is lactose-free as well, which makes it ideal for restrictive consumers on special diets. Formulated for those with incomplete or lacking diets, Nutricia 'Fortisip' beverages are predominantly found in Asia and Australia.