The McDonald's McCafe a.M. p.M. Campaign

 - Dec 13, 2011
References: tribalddb & ibelieveinadv
The McDonald’s McCafe a.M. p.M ad campaign shows the wonders a good cup of joe can work, especially if purchased from this particular fast food franchise. A person may wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but McDonald's will set all things right again.

Conceived and executed by DDB Tribal, an ad agency based in Vienna, Austria, the McDonald’s McCafe a.M. p.M ad campaign is inspired by before and after shots of people. It compares what they look like in the morning and after they have had an invigorating beverage from the McCafe; they are much more put together and groomed. Considering that this is often the case any day of the week, McDonald's shows that they can help.