The McDonald's Large Coffee Ad is One of Epic Proportions

 - Nov 22, 2011
References: mcdonalds
Hold a cup of coffee up close to your line of vision, and you just might see the world as DDB Advertising Agency did when coming up for the inspiration behind this McDonald’s Large Coffee ad. The European ad depicts a point-of-view perspective of the person drinking the coffee and places it in front of a clear blue sky.

When the viewer realizes he isn’t looking at a polluted lake or a mucky infinity pool, the ad works on a subconscious level, appealing to the audience's senses, and reminding them how a nice, warm cup of coffee makes them feel on a cold, brisk day. Combine that feeling with the immense size of the coffee from the perspective of sight portrayed in the print, and one is reminded of the extraordinary value of purchasing a large cup of the brew.

The risk McDonald’s took with this ad in presenting a scene that to some may first appear like an environmental mishap, may explain why it hasn't been seen yet in North American markets. Yet, when you think of the creative ingenuity that went behind thinking up this visual masterpiece, one cannot deny that the McDonald’s Large Coffee ad inspires you to really think in order to figure out its message.