This Mcdonald's Ad Shows the Cheeseburger Royals Becoming Even More Fancy

 - Jul 19, 2014
References: mcdonalds & adsoftheworld
To announce that its adding even more decadence to its Royal burgers, these McDonald's ads pair burgers with the faces of aristocrats. The Cheeseburger Royal is now offered with chili and deluxe sauce and as these ads suggest, this news should be enough to make you set any manners aside and dive face-first into one of these new burgers.

The food stains on the portraits of aristocracy gives the ads some much-needed charm, since they would be rather stuffy otherwise. As compared to the disheveled figures, the McDonald's burgers in the ads are presented to look pristine, like they could hold authority in a court—either a fancy one in a palace or just a fast food court.