Kristi Malakoff Crafts Children in Motion Out of Card Stock

 - Mar 14, 2013
References: kristimalakoff & strictlypaper
Maypole dancing is a tradition for many people and this installation by Kristi Malakoff helps to capture that same enthiusiasm using only card stock. Each of the children in the piece are cut from thick, dark green paper and intricately layered to give the illusion of depth when in actuality they couldn't be flatter.

Looking at the creations from all angles gives an almost hauntingly surreal feeling because they appear as though they are going to continue dancing around the poll in traditional form. The stark silhouettes are given a glimmer of carefree nature because each of the participants in the ritual is no more than a simple child enjoying the experience.

Meant to capture the experience forever in paper form, the creation by Malakoff is as endearing as it is truthful.