This Ad for the 'Mayview Animal Home' WIll Tug at Your Heartstrings

 - Mar 20, 2014
References: & adweek
The Mayhew Animal Home animal rescue and shelter in London released this commercial to encourage people to adopt a dog.

The ad follows three individuals who have had a rough day. One is a soccer referee who is sick and tired of being hounded by players for what they think are his terrible refereeing calls. The second is a woman who thanklessly stands on the street trying to hand out pamphlets to rude passersby. The third is a bouncer at a club who has to deal with being harangued and threatened by a trio of rowdy-looking club-goers.

All three of them return to their homes after their miserable days but have their frowns turned into smiles as they are enthusiastically greeted by their pet dogs. Mayview Animal Homes can consider this campaign a winner, as it skillfully plays with viewers' emotions, taking them from despair to cheer in less than a minute.