The Max Krieger 1883 Magazine Shoot Tells a Story of Raw Expression

Unleash the beast within with this Max Krieger 1883 Magazine editorial which showcases a new wave of style and self-expression. Each shot plays on the struggle to come into one's own and evokes a powerful sense of emerging self. The gradual movement from monochrome to bright color is symbolic of the transition from caged to free that so many youth experience today.

Through subtle movement, bold styles and accessories chosen by Susanne Marks, the shoot is intoxicating and compelling beyond words, speaking volumes and showing readers it's more than okay to be yourself and to use fashion as a means of doing so. Shot for the second issue of the avant-garde mag, the spread is entitled 'Treu' and was shot by Daniel Roche.

Implications - As society progresses towards acceptance of people from all walks of life, consumer goods are reflecting this movement. Fashion is a primary example of an industry where changes are indicative of this greater societal progress.