The Matias Troncoso Editorial 'Stay As You Are' is Enchanting

Shot by Matias Troncoso, 'Stay As You Are' is a passionate, elegant treat for the eye. The artist captures divine model Cristian Quitral in intimate moments. The model wears a longing, slightly sensual look in each photograph. Her big blue eyes and plump lips are overwhelmingly alluring, perfectly balancing innocence with a femme fatale attitude. The lounging scenes create a narrative of a soulful, flighty romance.

Troncoso's masterful lighting techniques allow the narrative dynamics of the shoot to come forward. Differentiating between natural, studio and over-exposed lighting, the series moves through moods much as lovers would. The quiet colors and organic composition make the photographs more believable and engaging.

Artist Matias Troncoso's work is charming and emotionally luminous.