Mathew Borrett Renders Surreal Beehive-Like Labyrinths

There’s something visually impactful in looking at a maze in its entirety, which is probably why artist Mathew Borrett has made labyrinth-like structures the subjects of many of his drawings. He illustrates surreal, puzzling representations of towns where scale, physics and logic are of no importance. Bedrooms can exist with no entrances and doorways can lead you to your doom in these renderings – and you thought the maze in The Shining was scary. The sheer imaginativeness of each drawing is what ultimately makes Mathew Borrett’s work extremely worthwhile to scan through.

Many of these illustrations are made using nothing more than a mechanical pencil. It’s incredible to think that Borrett managed to keep track of lighting conditions and instill so much value and detail into each element of his complex renderings.