The New Master Craft X24 Speed Boat is Perfect for Water Sports

 - Jul 3, 2018
References: mastercraft & gearpatrol
The latest craze in water sports is wake surfing, a blend of wakeboarding with traditional surfing that is sweeping the nation this summer -- and the new Master Craft X24 boat creates the perfect wake for the sport.

Offering a ballast and tab system that is fitted discretely at the back of the body, the new boat produces large enough waves behind it to allow wake surfing all day long. The system combines a specific hull that can pull up to 4,300-pounds, with the brand's famous generation 2 Surf System. Beyond being made for the sport, the boat also offers luxurious lounging capabilities with a comfortable interior and hand-made seats.

With enough room to fit an entire family comfortably, the new Master Craft x24 has the ability to hold 18 people while still pulling someone behind without losing speed.