Mass Effect 3 Epic Trailers

 - Feb 21, 2012
References: youtube
The new extended cut trailer for Bioware's upcoming game Mass Effect 3 has the quality of a big budget Hollywood Blockbuster movie. Complete with an original score and state of the art graphics, the trailer keeps with the recent trend in video game advertisement campaigns. Developers are investing a lot of time and money into creating quality trailers that, instead of showcasing gameplay content, reveal the depth and emotional investment inherent in their game's story through CGI generated action sequences. Previous examples of gripping trailers include those for Gears of War (all three), Dead Island and The Last of Us. These trailers appeal to the escapist in all of us; beautifully constructed and aesthetically impressive, the Take Earth Back trailer makes any sci-fi gamer anxious to join the fight against the Reapers (Mass Effect reference).