The Maskull Lassere 'Incarnate' is a Bony Human Head Made From Computer Guides

Carving designs and sculptures is an artistic activity often associated with wood, ice or clay; however the Maskull Lassere 'Incarnate (Three Degrees of Certainty II)' design has opened up the realm of detailed carvings to the use of old computer manuals as well. Yes, old computer manuals.

Designer Lassere has tactfully held together old computer guides with some steel and hardware and was able to carve an extremely detailed version of the human skull within their pages. The minute spaces between the pages offer an interesting effect to the skill and scars that were made by the ink left on the pages also create a slightly eerie feel when viewing this piece. The Maskull Lasser Incarnate sculpture is highly realistic and shows that regularly forgotten household items can be used to create some unforgettable projects.