The Maserati Hommage is a Driver-Focused Concept for 2049

 - Apr 22, 2017
References: & carbuzz
Hopefully cars of the future look as good as the Maserati Hommage concept. Francesco Gastaldi created this concept as an exercise to see what a grand tourer would look like in the year 2049. By that time popular opinion says that robots will be behind the wheel, not people. However, the Maserati Hommage looks like it was designed with a human driver in mind.

The cabin of the futuristic GT car looks to be a bit cramped and can only seat two. Part of the appeal of autonomous cars is that the person behind the wheel and the passengers can chill out and relax. The Maserati Hommage doesn't seem to have enough space to allow leisure. This, combined with its shapely and aerodynamic body suggest that it's meant to be driven. Come 2049 cars like the Maserati Hommage may be rare to see on the road.