These Prints by Martin Waldbauer Capture the Aesthetics of the Bizarre

 - Mar 22, 2012
References: mymodernmet & mymodernmet
"Nothing you're seeing is real" is what someone would tell you if you asked for directions within the world captured in Martin Waldbauer's pictures of distorted reality. The German photographer captures images and digitally manipulates them in order to create something that continuously shifts and defies a universal definition. You would be hard pressed to look at Martin Waldbauer's photographs and say "in this picture this is what's happening," because upon a second glance one would realize that your initial reaction can give way to multiple revisions and translations.

Photos such as the ones taken by Martin Waldbauer are impressive not only because they entrance viewers through their distorted assembly, but they also articulate an impression, a formula that is open to and encourages a personal engagement on behalf of the audience.