Designer Martijn Rigters Created This Rippled Sofa by Cutting Foam With Hot Wires

 - Mar 21, 2014
References: cargocollective & dezeen
Dutch designer Martijn Rigters developed a brand new way to make a sofa. Rigters forced a long block of foam through a hole made by four hot wires; the project is rightly named the 'Cutting Edge' sofa.

The idea came from the method that design studios often use to create rough prototype objects. Usually, the process is very controlled, so designers can determine what the end result would be. Rigters wanted to make the process a little more random and see what unique shapes would come of it.

The designer attached wires to a wooden frame large enough for the whole block to pass through. The wires were attached to batteries that supplied enough heat to cut through the foam. The rippling effect was controlled by how Rigters pushed the the foam through the wires. He explains, "this is a very intuitive way to work, because one can react to the form that is created at that exact moment."