Mark McGinnis 'Master Debaters' Comments on Current Events

 - Sep 17, 2012
References: mistermcginnis & coolhunting
The Mark McGinnis Master Debaters graphic art series is a thought-provoking set of posters that are on display at the SCP Design Department Store exhibition at the London Design Festival.

McGinnis explains that each "each character is represented as an icon based on their cultural stereotype, and this could be defined by religion, nationality or political affiliation. Each character has a conversation, which is defined visually as an icon." When the images are combined a debate is created.

The series comments on the superficiality of stereotypes and modern political discourse. Depending on the background and perspective of the viewer, each debate can be interpreted in very different ways. Because viewers need to think about each image in order to grasp its meaning, the Master Debaters series causes people to think more deeply about themselves and how they relate to current issues.

The Mark McGinnis Master Debaters graphic art series will be shown at the SCP till September 23rd.