The 'Marines With Dogs and Kids' Pinterest is Heartwarming

 - Jul 18, 2012
References: pinterest & jezebel
The 'Marines With Dogs and Kids' Pinterest board shows U.S. war-stricken soldiers in a setting that is more pleasant than scary.

The collection features marines playing with a group of school children or cuddling with large labradors, ultimately giving them a heightened sense of humanity. These soldiers are not just in it to kill, fix the problem and then get out -- this paradigm is way too narrow and unfair. Army men and women have families or loved-ones all the same. Their hearts really show in the chances they get to interact on a genuine level with people at their base camp, be it a friend or foe, human or animal.

This commemorative blog is heart-crushing sometimes, as there are photographs of mothers in service who are leaving their babies, or little kids saluting a coffin, but it is important to be reminded that soldiers are not machines -- they have the capacity to be kind, wholesome and true as well.