Mariko Tsujimoto Makes Household Items Jump from the Pages

Mariko Tsujimoto has put together books that features pop-up furniture resembling origami pieces. The artwork was done for the Kokuyo Design Award Competition, so Tsujimoto wanted to explore the way that books can be adjusted beyond their original uses, and thus put together a more 3D experience.

The pieces of art come in a few different colors, including green, yellow, red and blue. Furniture items represented also vary, with a chair symbolized in one book and tables and beds in the other. No matter what type of household item Mariko Tsujimoto tries to demonstrate, she always shows off a playful aesthetic with her work. Considering this collection is made from books with a pop-up look, it makes sense to embody a more youthful vibe considering those are the types of people that normally use these items. Photo Credits: designboom, marikotsujimoto.web.fc2