Marcin Owczarek's Collages Reveal Futuristic Perspectives

 - Jul 24, 2012
References: owczarekrbonmade & schonmagazine
Marcin Owczarek's large scale collages are haunting throughout. The dark dystopian themes displayed here are ones that few artists have focused on, especially given their references to deep intellectual themes. Post-war motifs, biblical innuendos and allusions to the future are all made here via brush stroke.

It is hard to escape the idea of an impending Armageddon when looking at Owczarek's pieces. Cryptic images of skulls, dead fish, eagles and intertwined lovers are likely to remain seared in the minds of his supporters, especially for those who maintain an interest in destruction, calamity and all out chaos. Hints of orange, red and dark green suggest a turn around at the end of a long dark road, even where havoc and all out devastation are present.