Michael Tyznik's Map of Westeros Imagines Transit Routes Between Kingdoms

 - Aug 5, 2014
References: tyznik & mtv
As much as it would be fantastic (and frightening) to be a character in the Game of Thrones universe, the long hikes to get between kingdoms must be a real time-waster—but Michael Tyznik's Map of Westeros shows a much better way to travel the mythical world.

Tyznik's 'Game of Thrones Transit Maps' are designed to show rail transport throughout Westeros, showing all of the connections and stops in between places like Winterfell, Casterly Rock, King's Landing and Highgarden. The maps are incredibly detailed, with notes that apologize for the dust while Harrenhal is being restored and abandoned villages that have been crossed off of the map. Although it's a modern take on the Game of Thrones map, it's one fans of the book and show can appreciate.