These Manpower Experis Ads Get You Ahead in Your Career

 - Jun 17, 2011
References: adsoftheworld
The difficulty that many people confront is the inability to decide where their true passions and talents lie, but these Manpower Experis ads suggest that this company's career services can sift out the nonsense and discover who you really are.

Even more importantly, perhaps, these prints offer a glimpse at what you can be, by harnessing hidden skills and following your dream towards gainful and fulfilling employment. This series of six individual advertisements features portraits of six peculiar-looking individuals, who have had their human heads replaced with inanimate objects. Each represents an ability and an interest, elevating the ambition in your heart to the action your head will carry out.

The chimera Manpower Experis ads were created with the help of photographer Jillian Lochner, who has done a brilliant job of merging machines with peoples' necks and torsos in a way that cleverly communicates the depth of the company's message.