'Maleo Residence' Combines Glazed Facades with Rough Hewn Stone

 - May 26, 2018
References: archdaily
Despite having one of the world's largest populations, Indonesia is still full of unspoiled natural beauty, and 'Maleo Residence' is designed to take advantage of that. The home is on the isolated island of West Praya, and its combination of levels and outdoor spaces makes for an elegant abode.

From the exterior, Maleo Residence is clearly inspired by agricultural steppes. The home's tiers are offset from one another to stay aligned with the hillside on which it sits, and each tier is also topped with a garden -- a further reference to the growth of steppes.

Many of the exterior walls of Maleo Residence are made from glass, which gives those inside tremendous views of the pristine nature and ocean beyond.

Image Credit: What the Fox Studio / IB Photography Limited